Why PLR Matters: Let’s spread the word

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We’ve worked with authors, authors’ representatives and Public Lending Right (PLR) experts to make a short film that showcases the value of PLR.

PLR is an author’s right to payment when their work is lent out by libraries. In the thirty-five countries where the programme currently exists, it’s a welcome benefit to local authors. It connects them to their readers, supports their ability to create, and ensures that culture continues to be freely available to the general public. Watch authors explain why #PLRMatters

PLR for more countries around the world

Ahead of an upcoming United Nations meeting, it’s more important than ever that we acknowledge the value of PLR to authors, and encourage as many countries as possible to support the proposal that Sierra Leone, Panama and Malawi are making that will benefit authors around the world.

What we know

·     PLR helps authors by compensating them when their books are read, enabling them to keep on writing.

·     The implementation of PLR varies from country to country to help meet the specific needs of local authors. In some countries, it can support writing in the national languages, a rare benefit in the creative industries.

·     With success in so many countries, and over such a long period of time, we know that it is possible for authors in every country to benefit from a measure such as PLR.

Sierra Leone, Panama and Malawi call for a study

The next meeting of the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) takes place 9-13 May 2022 and will include a proposal led by the nations of Sierra Leone, Panama and Malawi to ask WIPO for an international study on PLR. The intention is not to have it established internationally, but to develop a valuable study that would enable the governments of various countries to consider establishing their own version of PLR.

Hear from the authors yourself as they talk about their positive experience.

Watch the short film. 

How you can help

Here’s how you can urge your government to support the study at WIPO:

  1. Share the short film with the cultural ministries and intellectual property authorities of your national government urging them to support the study.
  2. Post the film on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtag #PLRMatters and tag @IntAuthors.
  3. Share with your members and ask them to engage with us on social media.

Here’s a suggested Twitter post to get you started:

Authors everywhere should benefit from Public Lending Right payments. Support a @WIPO study on PLR so that more governments can see if it could work in their country. Watch this video from @IntAuthors to learn why #PLRMatters www.internationalauthors.org/plrmatters

See the proposal for the study at WIPO.