general copyright

Copyright Works

Available in three languages containing testimonials from authors around the world about why copyright is important to them, launched at IAF’s event, ‘The business of being an author’, in Geneva, in December 2015.

Five seriously dumb myths about copyright

A simple primer debunking five of the most inaccurate myths perpetuated about copyright.

Ten Principles of Fair Contracts for Authors

Produced by IAF members, this outlines ten core principles that authors should expect to see represented in their contracts.

Cultural content online

Study and presentation by GESAC

A presentation and study on the issues of cultural content in the online environment covering issues such as the role of platforms in whether or not authors are sufficiently remunerated for access to their works. By GESAC, the organisation representing European authors societies.

RROs and seamless access to Content

This set of tools produced by the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) can be used to defend copyright. The presentations illustrate, from various stakeholders’ perspectives, how RROs enable access to copyrighted content without high costs or cumbersome requirements for users.

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