Member spotlight: Society of Young Nigerian Writers

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Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW), is an umbrella organisation that was founded to promote creative writing and literary arts among writers based in Nigeria between the ages of 10 and 40. It was founded in 2010 at the former house of the Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka at the University of Ibadan, which was formerly known as the World of Poets and Literary Society.

SYNW provides a platform for young writers to meet and collaborate, enhance and hone their writing skills. SYNW also works to publish, promote and market the works of its members.


In a bid to boost readership in Nigeria, SYNW initiated literary and reading projects including Read Across Nigeria (RAN), National Book Awareness Week (NABAWK) and the 2,000 Ebooks per School Project. It also established the Paperless Book Club in various public and private secondary schools across the country. The organisation has trained and developed over 1,000 young writers in different literary genres and published several via their electronic publishing platform.

Aims & Objectives

SYNW’s aims include communicating with other writers and publishers, and holding workshops, lectures and conferences for writers. Its aims focus on providing access to reference and research sources, providing a forum for all young writers of Nigeria and those of Nigerian origin, and seeking and defending freedom of expression for all Africans and the material and spiritual interests of Nigerian Writers. SYNW encourages the inclusion of Nigerian literary works in the curriculum of educational institutions, and the promotion of Nigerian languages and the translation of Nigerian literature into Nigerian languages, along with peace and understanding in Nigerian and African literature. Moreover, the establishment of a Young Nigerian Writers Journal is paramount as it ensures the protection of Nigerian Writers based on the appropriate laws and agencies.

12-point agenda of SYNW 

The organisation has a 12-point agenda to help guide its aims and objectives. These actions include the establishment of:

  • The Young Nigerian Writers Hall of Fame
  • The Young Nigerian Writers Merit Award
  • The Young Nigerian Writers Journal
  • The Chinua Achebe Poetry Library
  • A creative writing correspondence course by post and email
  • The Wole Soyinka Literary Museum
  • The D.O. Fagunwa Yoruba Literature Library
  • The Pita Nwana Igbo Literature Library
  • The Abubakar Imam Hausa Literature Library
  • A computerised database of world famous authors
  • A poster exhibition of world famous authors, along with a multimedia pix

Annual activities 

Activities that the organisation has established or take part in include:

  • National Week of Remembrance for Departed Writers (NAWRED)
  • National Book Awareness Week (NABAWK)
  • Read Across Nigeria (RAN)
  • Fagunwa Day, a quarterly creative writing workshop
  • Chinua Achebe Annual Literary Festival
  • 2,000 E-Books per School Project

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