Member spotlight: Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters (AATI)

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AATI has done an extraordinary amount of work to develop the profession of translators in Argentina since the 1980s. Here, we share some highlights of AATI’s work, both as resources and inspiration for IAF members. IAF looks forward to working with and learning from AATI, whose representation of translators in Argentina is passionate, accomplished and wide-reaching; helping foster cultural and linguistic diversity and communication worldwide.

Fair contracts

AATI works with la Alianza Iberoamericana para la Promoción de la Traducción Literaria (alitral), the umbrella group of translators’ organisations in Latin America, to support and improve contracts between translators and publishers, among other areas of literary translation.

Within the framework of alitral, AATI has launched a useful document for authors, Condiciones mínimas de un contrato de traducción entre traductor y editor. Similar to IAF’s Ten Principles for Fair Contracts, these documents help make translators aware of what they should and shouldn’t accept and expect from publishers in order to be rewarded fairly for their work.

AATI has also produced a contract template to help creators produce their own fair contracts.

In addition, AATI co-organised Cantera de Traductores 2018 within the framework of alitral, in Colombia. The seminar included discussions on literary translation in Latin American countries and Spain, as well as two panels on intellectual property.

AATI has a section for translators on its website about working with publishers.

Translators as Authors

AATI campaigns for the protection of translators as authors to ensure the value of their work is truly understood and recognised as having a fundamental and authorial role in the production of works in translation. They are continuing to work towards having this recognised by law. Information about the draft bill submitted to the Argentine Congress can be found here.

Member Library

AATI has an online Member Library where members who are published translators and writers can disseminate their work. This can be utilised by IAF members to foster an international exchange between authors.

En la Tapa

The “En la Tapa” (On the Cover) campaign’s focus is for translators to be recognised on the cover and title page of books. Translated books that credit the translator on the cover and title page are being circulated through AATI’s Facebook page.

International events

In 2014, AATI brought translators to the Buenos Aires International Book Fair for the first time and since then it has organised, at the request of the Book Fair, an annual Professional Seminar for Translators, which raises the profile of translators as valuable contributors in the chain of book production.

AATI is aware of the need for translations to follow high standards of accessibility, for their work to reach its widest possible audience.

AATI co-organised, with other associations and institutions, the First Meeting of Native and Minority Language Translators and Interpreters in Colombia in 2019.

Proyecto de la Colección de Etnodiscursividades (Ethnic Discourse Collection Project)

The objective of this project is to give visibility to the language and culture of the native peoples in Argentina and highlight the role of translators as essential to reach that goal. The project currently comprises four bilingual books written and translated by native speakers of the following languages: quichua, mapudungún (the language of the Mapuche), qom, wichi and guarani; based on agreements between AATI and different university-based publishers in Argentina.

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