Update from IFRRO 2018 World Conference

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The International Authors Form (IAF) hosted a reception on 24 October at the IFRRO 2018 World Conference in Athens. IAF Secretariat Luke Alcott gave an update on the recent work of IAF, including its work at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the survey on author-publishers and its support for authors in Thailand and India. IAF also launched its new Ten Principles for Fair Contracts for Visual Artists, with thanks to IAF member DACS which led the working group to establish these principles.

IAF also showed its support for the work of PLR International with an update of recent work, including the development of the recently established Public Lending Right (PLR) scheme in Greece and the work of PLR International in advising COSOMA, the copyright society in Malawi on the establishment of Africa’s first PLR system. There has also been an ongoing PLR campaign in Hong Kong where the PLR Alliance has received a commitment from the government to introduce PLR. The upcoming PLR event at WIPO was discussed, and the new and updated Introductory Guide to PLR was presented to attendees.