The Union of Finnish Writers based in Helsinki join the IAF

Athanasios VenitsanopoulosIAF, News

IAF is delighted to welcome new member The Union of Finnish Writers, a long established professional organization of fiction authors which was founded in 1897.

The Union’s purpose is to develop and improve the conditions in which writers work as well as to promote Finnish literature. There are approximately 750 members who make up the Union.

The Union’s values are; community, equality and expertise, and it supports writers in their profession by providing guidance in all matters relating to contracts and copyright issues as well as social security and taxation. They also offer contract advice for writers who have not yet been published.

The Union distributes grants and awards, maintains writers’ houses and offers work spaces, residencies, and affordable recreational sites. They also produce events for the stage programme at the Turku and Helsinki book fairs as well as other literary public events.

IAF very much look forward to working with The Union of Finnish Writers.

See their website.