IAF responds to KECOBO review

Athanasios VenitsanopoulosAfrica, IAF, News

IAF has responded to the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) review of its service charges and Blank Tape Media fees as provided for under the various provisions of the Copyright Act, 2001. The KECOBO review features charges that are payable for KECOBO services and the Blank Tape Media Levy. Charges under review included copyright registration fees for Individuals and Corporates, registration fees for software and fees for the renewal of collective management organisation (CMO) licenses, among others.

IAF wrote to KECOBO expressing its support for the media levies to better support authors, highlighting the importance of these measures to overcome inequalities in rightsholders’ remuneration. In addition, IAF pointed out that authors are not properly remunerated for their work and this consultation provides a platform to resolve this issue. Moreover, IAF stressed that all types of authors are integral to the growth and preservation of culture and a fair remuneration scheme helps towards the continuous development of the creative industry.

See IAF’s full response to this review here.