IAF presents its work to Writers & Directors Worldwide in Algiers

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In April 2018 IAF was delighted to attend the Writers & Directors Worldwide (WDWW) Annual Meeting in Algiers to present its own work on behalf of authors.

The IAF membership is keen to see creators’ organisations collaborating and this was a great opportunity to support the work of authors around the world. IAF is especially keen to support the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFFRO) and the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) so that given the opportunity, effort is made to develop authors’ organisations, whether literary, audiovisual, visual artists or directors etc., to ensure authors have both a national organisation supporting them and inclusion in the international community of authors.

WDWW is an international not-for-profit organisation that works to protect the rights of writers and directors working in the audiovisual, literary and dramatic fields. It evolved over the years from the formation of the International Councils of Dramatic Authors and Composers (CIAD) and of Literary Authors (CIADL) in 1966, and in 2014 was renamed Writers & Directors Worldwide.

WDWW is led by creators from dramatic, literary and audiovisual societies around the world and their president is the inspirational Argentinian Film Director, Horacio Maldonado. It acts to support creators in all regions of the world and in addition, as well as as an advisory body to CISAC. Like IAF, it is an official observer to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights.

As both IAF and WDWW speak on behalf of the creator, it is important that we collaborate and support each other’s work wherever possible. Their invitation for us to speak on what we do was both very much appreciated and will hopefully lead to more co-operation and support as we do our utmost to protect and promote authors’ rights across the globe.