IAF meeting in Helsinki

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At the IAF Meeting in Helsinki, members heard updates from Barbara Hayes and Luke Alcott on the work of the IAF since the AGM and from Jim Parker of PLR International regarding the ongoing work of the IAF and PLR International.

Discussing developments at WIPO, Luke discussed the Artist’s Resale Right Conference and how it expressed the importance of Artist’s Resale Right, which the IAF has now presented a position statement on. Barbara reported on the event ‘Celebrating Malawi’s support for creativity through copyright infrastructure’ which the IAF supported: the event celebrated the establishment of Public Lending Right (PLR) in Malawi’s Copyright Act and how this has contributed to efforts to have PLR included on the WIPO SCCR agenda. The IAF is keen to support any member in urging their country’s WIPO delegate to help put PLR on the agenda at the SCCR. Following on from the Malawi event Jim Parker will be speaking at the International PLR conference in Paris on 25-27 September.

Further SCCR matters included the interventions that the IAF made on the Artist’s Resale Right and Education Exceptions, the new SCCR chair and the IAF plan to campaign on exceptions for Libraries and Archives.

Barbara Hayes announced the development of a new IAF website with the aim to make it more user friendly and a better platform for member’s views. Plans for new features on the website include a hub of studies and campaigns regarding authors’ earnings from around the world. Members may be contacted to preview the website. The IAF welcomes updates on author’s issues in their country to be shared via the IAF website and newsletter.

Public Libraries, Tax on Books and the Artist’s Resale Right. Through these, the IAF has made clear its view that books should not be taxed unduly, as a tax on books is a tax on creativity, culture and knowledge; that the IAF stands against cuts to library services, which provide a vital way for communities to access the culture and knowledge authors vitally contribute to society; and clear that systems such as the Artists Resale Right must be acknowledged so that creators can have a continued share in the value of their creation. The position statements so far can be found online. We are also now seeking input on our upcoming statements on copyright exceptions for libraries and archives, and Digital Rights Management. The IAF will also welcome any members’ views on the statements shared and on other issues they think the IAF should similarly engage with.

The IAF meeting for Tokyo was discussed, with members supporting a change to the structure of IAF meetings. In Tokyo the IAF meeting will take the form of a drinks reception instead of a formal meeting on the IFRRO agenda. Member’s views on this are welcome and the IAF will continue to review how IAF meetings can best meet the needs of IAF members.

The 10 Principles of Fair Contracts was discussed and, after listening to the views of members, the IAF will go ahead with forming working groups to develop sector specific versions of the 10 principles. Members will be contacted regarding the working groups in due course.