Update from UK Copyright Licensing Agency for authors

Luke AlcottCopyright law, News, UK

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is advising authors of its intention to operate an Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) Scheme in the UK. They have released a briefing note to explain how this effects any rightsholders both in the UK and overseas.

The key points are:

  • CLA, on behalf of its members, is applying for an ECL authorisation to formalise its rights position under UK law.
  • The application has been made in accordance with The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Extended Collective Licensing) Regulations, which were introduced in 2014.
  • The UK Government will shortly commence a public consultation on CLA’s application. I will send the details for this once it has launched.
  • Rightsholders have the right to opt out any or all of their works from CLA licences and this will continue should the ECL authorisation be granted.
  • The ECL scheme, if granted, will apply to CLA’s licensing in the UK only.
  • The majority of works copied under CLA’s licences are published in the UK, and therefore the use of foreign works is minimal.

Read the CLA Briefing Note on ECL.