Nordic Conference on Copyright

Luke AlcottCopyright law, Denmark

Attending the Nordic Conference on Copyright hosted by VISDA in Copenhagen the IAF got to hear from a ranger of organizations representing creators about the challenges they share.

Discussion covered policy issues in EU copyright reform; this included the challenge of portability, an issue where authors want to make their work widely available but may also need the finesse to tailor access to their work to different markets. Speakers also talked about the position of authors and the companies that benefit from their work, discussing the typical imbalance authors have to deal with in addition to the opportunity of public support for creators against those that benefit from their work.

Throughout the conference a wide range of other issues were covered including framing, a problem which is increasingly prevalent as studies of web use has shown. Speakers suggested that framing rights are exclusive and/or default to the original artist. Other topics discussed included the potential challenges of copyright become too complex for creators to operate, unpopular with future generations of artists and changing attitudes and pressures in creative markets, and the need to shift the responsibility of ensuring payment from the private individual to platforms.