Bestselling authors call on publishers to name #TranslatorsOnTheCover

Athanasios VenitsanopoulosNews

‘Name the translator in the same breath as you name the author’ say authors, including Bernardine Evaristo, Sarah Waters, Preti Taneja, Katie Kitamura, Simon Schama, Max Porter, Tracy Chevalier and more.

On International Translation Day 2021 IAF member the Society of Authors in the UK launched #TranslatorsOnTheCover, calling on every writer to ask their publishers for cover credits for the people who translate their work.

Signatories to an open letter written by Jennifer Croft (translator of Olga Tokarczuk’s International Booker Prize-winning Flights) and Mark Haddon (author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) – commit to asking that ‘whenever our work is translated… the name of the translator appears on the front cover’.

The letter acknowledges that it is ‘thanks to translators that we have access to world literatures past and present’ and goes on to say that translators should be ‘properly recognised, celebrated and rewarded’.

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