How are author-publishers dealt with in your country?

Athanasios VenitsanopoulosAccessibility, News, WIPO

The International Authors Forum (IAF) sits on the Board of the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). They aim to make as many books available to the visually impaired as possible and are aware that writers have been expanding into author-publishing for some time.

Together with IAF member the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), we are gathering information as to how author-publishing is handled in your country or by your organisation so that we can:

  • evaluate how this method of publishing is growing in various territories
  • survey the ways writers’ organizations are meeting the challenges of author-publishing
  • assess how we can encourage author-publishers to make their works accessible to the visually impaired
  • look at other forms of income author-publishers may be entitled to.

If you haven’t received this survey and would be interested in taking part, please contact us. On submission you will receive a copy of Supporting Independent Author-Publishers: A Guide For Writers’ Associations and Organizations by Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors. Your responses will also help improve subsequent editions of this guide.

This survey will close on the 8th of August 2018.