Creating a Living: How Public Lending Right helps authors | 12 November 14:30 GMT

Athanasios VenitsanopoulosEvents, PLR International

Continuing on from the ‘Creating a Living’ report, which the International Authors Forum (IAF) launched earlier this month, IAF is organising an online webinar in partnership with PLR International on the importance of Public Lending Right (PLR). This is a payment for the loans of books from libraries and enables creators to be paid for their work, making a real difference in their lives and enabling them to continue creating. Moreover, it’s a recognition of creators’ contributions to culture and also supports the role of education, helps maintain psychological health and protects a country’s sense of identity, preserving literature and language.

You could find more about PLR systems here.

The debate will be held online via Zoom on Thursday 12 November at 14:30 GMT.

John Degen, Chair of IAF will be hosting this event.


Helmi Kekkonen – Writer from Finland

Ndogolera Mwangupili – Poet from Malawi

Arjen Polman – Managing Director, Stichting Leenrecht, PLR The Netherlands

Peter Schneider – Manager, PLR Programme Manager and Executive Secretary, PLR Commission Canada

Please join us to learn more about the benefits of PLR and how it helps creators.

To RSVP for details to attend, please contact